Once a Pirate Audition Know-How

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Getting into your Pirate Persona

  • Pick a pirate persona or we’ll find one that fits you
  • Guests are coming for an immersive experience so staying in that persona is very important!
  • Be part of the show – Facilitate audience interactions, ensure audience safety


  •  Greet all guests your best Pirate grin or meanest high five
    • Checking tickets
    • Seating guests
  • Instruct guests at interactive multimedia stations
  • Provide assistance to customers when required
  • Manage guests’ queries and ensure appropriate resolution 

Food & Beverage (Only when required)

  • Distribute Pirate Meals to guests and communicate any special requirement to the culinary staff
  • Assist customers in drinks replenishments, need for cutlery etc.

Additional for Pirate Chiefs

  • Brief and supervise pirate crew 
  • Take attendance
  • Deploy Pirate crew to positions and rotate personnel where required
  • Attend to guests feedback where required

Training Provided:

  • Performance rehearsals
  • Pirate Meal Distribution
  • Front-of-House SOPs 
  • Customer Service
  • Venue Orientation

Special Skills:
If you have a secret skill like juggling, street magic, street-dance, popping, ventriloquism, etc, WE WANT TO KNOW ALL ABOUT IT!

Position: Part time

Working Hours:

  • Dinner show (Wed-Sun): 4:45pm – 9:45pm
  • Lunch show (Sat-Sun): 10:45am – 3:45pm

(Excludes time for collection of uniform and return)


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