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As a registered RWS Ariba Network supplier, you’ll have to select between two Ariba Network Accounts. It can be determined based on your business model and how you think you can best achieve your e-commerce and sales goals.

For new suppliers with existing Ariba Network Account with other customers, and wish to link their account to RWS’, you may refer to this guide to help you!

Standard Account

Basic Functionality, Completely Free

Use familiar e-mail tools to transact with customers digitally while reducing costs. Plus, gain visibility into when you can expect payment from your customers. With the standard account, you can:

  • Collaborate on purchases
  • Receive orders and send invoices electronically, anytime, anywhere.
  • Track invoice and payment status
  • Transact an unlimited number of documents
  • Use a centralized portal for all Ariba Network transactions

Enterprise Account

 Advance Capabilities, Endless Possibilities

An enterprise account provides everything the standard account offers, plus ways to grow and strengthen your business through Ariba Network. With the enterprise account, you can transform your operations with full ERP integration, leading to automated workflows, faster sales and fulfillment cycles, and reduced errors. Additional advantages include:
  • Supplier-managed catalogues
  • Unlimited RFP responses through SAP Ariba Discovery
  • Supply chain collaboration
  • Priority customer support

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