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Code of Conduct

RWS’ Supplier Code of Conduct is developed in accordance with our business values with the aim of promoting sustainable development together with our partners. We believe that sustainability is a shared responsibility and hope to inspire our Suppliers to do the same.

This Code will apply to our Suppliers and their employees, contractors, agents and subsidiaries providing goods or services to RWS.
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The Supplier shall always be ethical in every aspect of its business. The Supplier shall uphold business integrity, be transparent, respect intellectual property rights, not offer or accept bribes, is encouraged to foster sustainability and always provide RWS with quality product and services.

Supply Chain Assurance 550x268

Supply Chain Assurance

RWS will conduct comprehensive supply chain assessments to assess ESG risks exposure to our supply chain. We drive certification and compliance to support sustainable business.

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Environmental Impact

RWS will commit to minimise environmental impact of “used” products sourced, limiting our environmental footprint across all waste categories.

Supply Chain Influence 550x268

Supply Chain Influence

RWS wishes to partner with suppliers who share the same value as us and ensure that they meet our Code of Conduct. We aim to influence our supply chain towards sustainable business practices.

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