Japanese Food Galore

Taste award-winning donburi created by Japanese chefs from Furusato Matsuri Tokyo at the first RWS Donburi Championship. Enjoy over 38 Japanese dishes from just SGD3 each, RWS-exclusive snacks, and over 55 types of sake, beers and more, specially imported from Japan just for the festival.

Super Premium Donburi

Celebrity chef Hal Yamashita is in town for RWS Summer Matsuri to whip up an event-exclusive Super Premium Donburi. Catch him in action at RWS Summer Matsuri’s opening culinary show! Exclusively for the first 50 guests who have purchased the Early Bird Mastercard® / RWS Invites online package at S$15 and registered online.

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Donburi Championship

Award-winning chefs from Japan have touched down in the Resort to vie for the title of RWS’s #1 donburi. Get a taste of these delicious rice bowls, with choices like the Oyakodon (Chicken and Egg Bowl) and Echizen Kani Donburi (Crab Rice Donburi), all created by finalists from Furusato Matsuri Tokyo, and cast your vote to determine who will walk away with the prestigious title!


Oyakodon (Chicken and Egg Bowl)

This highly popular donburi features chicken and egg that is well known for its rich flavour and texture. Simmered in a rich dashi-based sauce, this oyakodon is bursting with umami flavours.


Echizen Kani Donburi (Crab Rice Donburi)

Immersed in the fresh flavours of crab, this robust tasting donburi is topped with crumbled grilled nori and layered with rich umami flavoured crab meat and kani miso (crab innards).


Premium Mikawa Isshiki Grilled Eel Donburi

Unagi from the famed eel-farming town of Isshiki at Mikawa Bay is grilled to perfection, seasoned with a special Aichi tamara soy sauce and laid on a bed of pearly white rice.


Steak Donburi

Deep and savoury flavoured whole skirt steak is marinated, sliced up right on the grill and served with house made Kujo green onion and black roasted shichimi (a seven-spice mix) sauce.


Kuroge Wagyu Donburi

A donburi that consists of juicy and savoury strips of Kuroge Wagyu beef naturally farmed in Japan through its four distinct seasons.


Chichibu Waraji Pork Miso Donburi

Slabs of juicy pork cutlets marinated in miso are deep fried to crisp, golden-brown perfection, served with onsen egg atop a bed of pearly white rice.

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