7 reasons why beaches in Singapore are so attractive

As with any tropical island, a trip to sunny Singapore is not complete without a day out at the beach. Singapore’s white sandy beaches are leisure hotspots (pun intended) for locals and tourists alike – they are clean, easy to get to, and offer something for everyone. And while there many other clean and accessible beaches in the world, here are 7 reasons why beaches in Singapore continue to attract flocks of tourists every year.

1. Generally safe for swimming

If your main reservations for swimming at the beach are the presence of sharks, sea snakes and the like, you needn’t worry in Singapore – as long as you swim within safety zones that are close to the shore and demarcated by buoys. That said, jellyfish often get washed up close to the shore and it is thus advisable to avoid swimming at the beach during high tides (approximately 8-10am and 8-10pm daily).

Not all beaches in Singapore have lifeguards on duty, so do note that swimming at the beach will be at your own risk. Parents are also strongly recommended to remain within reach of their young at all times.

2. A lot more than just beach fun

Known as Singapore’s island resort, Sentosa Island is home to three pristine beaches (Palawan, Tanjong and Siloso) that are extremely popular among locals and tourists alike.They offer escapism for those seeking a day away from the city, and have a plethora of things to do near the beach. You can skydive indoors at iFly Singapore, snorkel with over 20,000 fishes at Adventure Cove Waterpark (or just ride the many water slides), and interact with dolphins at Dolphin Island, and more – within minutes from the beaches.

3. Sunset barbecues by the sea

If you’re a suburban dweller, you’ve probably had tons of barbecues in your own backyard. But at East Coast Park, Changi Beach and Sembawang Park – three beaches on mainland Singapore – you get to barbecue by the sea against the backdrop of a picturesque sunset while inhaling the scent of nature each time the sea breeze caresses your face ever so gently. You may even wish to take your Singapore beach experience one step further by stargazing and camping there overnight. All you have to do is rent barbecue pits and/or apply for overnight camping permits from the National Parks Board.

4. Convenient bicycle rentals

Bicycle rental kiosks are conveniently located along the beach at East Coast Park and Sentosa, so you can easily hop on a bicycle to travel the whole of the beachfront and visit interesting spots.

In 2017, the Land Transport Authority also launched Singapore’s first station-less bike rental platform, oBike, where you can track the nearest available bike via your smartphone’s GPS, and hop on and off one virtually anywhere in the city – and even from the city to Sentosa’s 12km network of on-road bicycle lanes, the first of its kind in Singapore.

5. Sea sports in controlled environments

This one’s for those who are looking to try out sea sports for the first time, but are concerned about their safety in doing so. Beginners in surfing may head over to Wave House Sentosa by Siloso Beach for surfing lessons in a machine operated wave pool. Alternatively, those interested in wakeboarding should check out Singapore Wake Park located along East Coast Park. You’ll enjoy the convenience of access and regularity, before you skill up to conquer the real deal.

6. Bird’s eye view of the beach

Mega Adventure Park’s MegaZip – Southeast Asia’s steepest zip wire flying fox – allows you to fly at speeds of up to 60km/h over Sentosa’s jungle canopy and Siloso beach. Yes that’s right, you get an adrenaline rush and a bird’s eye view of one of Singapore’s finest white sandy beaches. This one’s for the beach-loving adrenaline junkies.

7. Asia’s largest beach music festival

Whoever said there aren’t any late night parties in Singapore clearly hasn’t been to ZoukOut Singapore. As Asia’s largest dance music festival at the beach, ZoukOut Singapore has become the industry standard for the region’s dusk-to-dawn parties, and an annual affair that marks the end of every year for many. Every year, ZoukOut Singapore attracts thousands of nocturnal party animals and music lovers who wish for more than a usual clubbing experience.

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